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Home furniture should be this comfortable! When you’re out piling up the mileage on your ‘Wing, the last thing you should ever be worried about is comfort. Honda provided a very luxurious ride when they created the latest evolution of The Wing, but it took the Corbin Wizard’s to really nail the sweet-spot. Corbin’s Master’s Type saddle perfects the ride!

Check out the saddle dimensions at the bottom of this page... Twenty-two inches of seat height... that’s nearly TWO FEET of vertical back support in the rider’s position and almost 19 inches for your copilot. Naturally we’ve designed the rider’s backrest to have an angle adjustment so your can customize it to your posture. This new Ovalbac model (exclusive to the GL 1800) has been specially designed for increased lower back support. Our rider's backrest fits into hardware concealed inside the saddle for a very clean look and simple installation. Notice also how the base of the backrest has been shaped to allow room for your passengers legs. A very well thought out design.

In the saddle we’ve maximized each of the riding positions to provide the greatest area of body contact possible, thus spreading your weight over a greater area. This helps to eliminate hot spots and provides excellent support for the long rides. Both seating platforms have been ergonomically sculpted to spread weight properly and support your body. Those early mornings trying to beat the motorhomes through Yosemite won’t be a problem either, because we’ve built The Ultimate Accessory for Honda’s Ultimate Touring Machine... That’s right, Bum Heaters! There’s one in front for you and a separately controlled one for your passenger. The conveniently located switches allow two heat settings and are easily wired into your fusebox to the accessory jacks (wiring and detailed instructions included).

In the rear, you have a choice of our Standard Trunkrest or an extended trunkrest with passenger Armrests. Both offer sculpted support that gives a wide contact patch for your passenger. Either model bolts up easily to your stock trunk and works with the built in speakers. Scroll down for more information.

All components of the Corbin saddle system are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam that provides firm support for the long haul. Comfort Cell® foam is specially developed for Corbin to provide support that won’t break down and breaks in to take on your shape for a personalized fit. For a truly luxurious feel, we include genuine leather seating in your choice of colors and styles. The flashy model shown at the top of the page uses Buckskin colored leather with Burgundy Faux-Ostrich inserts. Naturally a wide range of options are available, just follow the options link towards the bottom of this page for complete info. Color coordinated vinyl side panels keep the foam shape tight and the saddle looking new longer. Just remember to care for your saddle properly with regular conditioning using a product like our Saddle Cream. Your leather saddle will break in along with your foam shape and age gracefully.

Our Master’s Type Saddle is available in TWO configurations:
Three-piece system with Standard Trunkrest. This setup includes Corbin's luxurious Master's Type Touring Saddle, a newly redesigned Ovalbac rider’s backrest, coordinated Smooth Trunkrest, and seat heaters in both the rider and passenger seating areas. This is an excellent choice to maximize the comfort value in both the front and rear while keeping a clean line in the passenger area. Sculpted trunkrest gives a large area of body contact and excellent comfort.

Three-piece system with Trunk Armrest. This setup includes the luxurious Master's Type Touring Saddle with our cool new Ovalbac Rider’s backrest, an extended Trunkrest with Passenger Armrests and seat heaters in the rider and passenger seating areas. This is an excellent choice if you really want to spoil your copilot on the long rides. Saddle and rider's rest are identical to the setup listed above, but the trunkrest has the addition of armrests for your passenger.

Rider Comments:
The lower seat height had me flat footed at stop signs and gave me a better feel for the bike while riding. The generous back support gives the impression that you could run ocean to ocean without stopping if you had enough fuel to get there. The adjustable rider's rest came all the way up to my shoulder blades!

The stock seat felt a little cramped and I could tell that taller riders will have touble with their knees hitting the fairing. The Corbin is slightly further back which bigger riders will certainly appreciate. Very roomy with plenty of support and very classy looking, this item is going to be very popular with long distance riders.
- Chance Darling, 5'9"

Just wanted to say - Thanks! I recently purchased a Master Saddle for my 2002 Gold Wing 1800, it is beautiful! I had to go 'Corbin', after experiencing one on my ST1100. The comfort, I expected, but the best part is the style! You and your team really 'cleaned-up' the lines on both the rider and passenger seating/back areas. It wasn't real noticeable, looking at the web site pictures, but once on the bike...Wow! - Big Difference!

Keep the Quality stuff coming!
-Bob Schuch

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